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Donald S. Dench, a well-known attorney in Rancho Cucamonga, serves all southern California court jurisdictions.

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“I value and respect the relationships I build with my clients. When we win, that’s just the icing. To me it simply means the plan was well executed and I performed to the best of my ability while caring for my client.”

Donald S. Dench

About Donald S. Dench

  • strong criminal justice background

    Strong Criminal Justice Background

    Mr. Dench brings a wide range of professional experience to his criminal and family law practice. His unique background in our local justice system spans for over three decades.

    He began his career in law as a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy and Marshal. He has patrolled our communities as an officer; and served as a Detective assigned to child abuse investigations, undercover narcotics and violent assaults. He served as a Bailiff throughout the courts of San Bernardino County. Mr. Dench also worked within our county jails and knows the injustice for many that are incarcerated. Over the years, he has gained a strong sense of fairness and justice having served on all sides of the legal system.

    Judges and juries can only make decisions based on the information they are given. Mr. Dench takes great care in presenting the right impression of the case to the jury, knowing how crucial it is that they see the facts through his client’s experience, in order to reach the right and just result of innocence.

  • family law practice

    Family Law Practice

    Mr. Dench limits the number of family dispute matters in his practice. He believes each case requires special care, time, and attention to detail which requires quality of representation over quantity. He intimately understands the pain and carnage of divorce and the utmost importance in the handling of high conflict custody disputes.

    Reaching a fair outcome is critical in family law matters. Everything is at issue and is subjected to loss: Child custody, child and spousal support, determination of all assets and debts. In these disputes, spouses have the highest duty of good faith and fair dealing towards one another. Assets that are hidden or diminished in value require tenacious investigation and exposure to reach a fair distribution between spouses. Additionally, incomes invariably differ between couples and must be assessed for correctness as a basis for spousal and child support.

    Mr. Dench understands the complexities of family law matters. He knows that each family is different and dynamic requiring his complete focus and unwavering attention to details.

  • family law mediation and fee disputes

    Family Law Mediation

    Mr. Dench is an experienced negotiator. He has served as a Mediator for the San Bernardino County Superior Courts acting as a Settlement Judge in a variety of family law disputes. He has been appointed by the Superior Courts of Los Angeles and Riverside Counties to mediate family law matters. He acts as a neutral moving the mediation toward settlement in a facilitative manner.

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