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In-Depth Knowledge of the Criminal Justice System

I’ve spent my career working in various roles within the criminal justice system. Some of those roles include: work within the county jails, County Sheriff’s Deputy and Marshal, Bailiff, Patrol Deputy, and Detective assigned to child abuse investigations, undercover narcotics, and violent assaults.

I am often asked how I believe my background serves my clients and what impact that has on prosecutors, judges and juries. I have a unique-insiders knowledge of the many roles within the criminal justice system. I also believe my sense of fairness and justice has evolved as I have over the years.

You Can Lose Your Freedom in a Moment

Anyone of us, at any time, can be charged with a crime. Most physical and verbal confrontations end in arrest based on a mere allegation by another.

It’s that easy to lose your freedom in a moment!

The thought and/or reality of going to jail or prison is obviously overwhelming to anyone, including their family. Individuals can be charged with crimes over misunderstandings where they simply didn’t call the police first. Frequently, alleged victims are not the victim at all but should have been cast as the suspect. One version of an event or misunderstanding can be given preference over another depending on the officer’s maturity, experience, commitment level, and disposition at a given time. The prosecution will accept that version—however flawed it may be.

An Assertive, Forthright Defense

I do have insight into the officers’ job. I recognize insincerity and prejudgment in seeking the truth. There are collective injustices in our system that can become a mill for prosecutions if judges and juries are not wary. My experience is that most judges are bright, fair-minded, and open to persuasion to do the right thing. That is, provided the defense attorney assertively presents the client’s defense as the just position, pointing out the injustices in a reasoned, impassioned manner. Otherwise, judges will take what they are given and make their ruling.

Make the Right Impression

Great care is taken in presenting the right impression of the case to the jury. Juries want to do the right thing. They are us and don’t want to be misled or sold on something that is false. They understand the stakes are high. I believe it is crucial they see the facts through my client’s experience. Trials are real life dramas and real life is presented for jurors to see and to judge the truth of everyone involved. I believe the right and just result must be fought for.

Attorney/Client Relationship

To be charged with a crime and to be faced with the potential of losing your freedom is life altering. This tremendous impact must be understood and appreciated by your lawyer if you are to be properly cared for through the process. It is a relationship that requires trust and patience on behalf of both attorney and client. The process must play itself out. It requires finesse and proper timing at each phase. My client’s rights must be fought for regardless of one's constitutional right of presumption of innocence.

Matters of Criminal Law

  • Felonies

  • Misdemeanors

  • Juvenile Crimes

  • Domestic Violence

  • DUI

  • DMV Hearings

  • Drug Sales / Possession

  • Diversion

  • Robbery

  • Assault

  • Expungement

  • Gang Cases

  • Burglary

  • Weapon Charges

  • Violent Assaults/h4>

  • Sex Offenses

  • Strike Cases

  • Illegal Search and Seizure

  • Probation Violations

  • Recall Bench Warrants

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