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Family Law
Donald S. Dench, Esq.

Selecting the Right Family Law Attorney

A Working Alliance With an Attorney You Can Trust

Time and Attention to Detail

The attorney/client relationship is just that: A relationship. It takes enormous trust and faith to select the right attorney to handle the most intimate matters in one’s life. Everything is at issue and it is subjected to loss: Child custody, child and spousal support, determination of all assets and debts.

I limit the number of family law matters in my practice:

  • I believe each case requires special care, time and attention to detail in order to copiously support my client’s position in court.
  • I believe in quality representation over quantity.
  • Attorneys can spread themselves too thin. I don’t want my clients to ever question my sincerity or devotion to their personal matter.
  • Family Law litigation is highly intense for both client and attorney. It is imperative to find the right fit. I take the initial evaluation process very seriously and spend time determining that fit before taking on a prospective client’s case.

Effective Communication

There are many injustices within the system causing unbearable pain to individuals. Judges must be given the proper perspective of a client’s position, which requires assertive and effective communication by the attorney. For example, court appointed child custody evaluations must be challenged and exposed for lack of attention and biases.

Many family law matters do resolve timely provided there is agreement across the board. In most cases, there is high conflict between spouses or their attorneys. These cases can unfortunately go the distance through the system. If the matter can be resolved then it should be, with smart and aggressive negotiations. A properly negotiated resolution allows both sides to move forward with their lives.

Over the years, I have learned what my clients find most important in our relationship: patient understanding, smart and thoughtful representation, and educating them on all matters relating to their case.

Matters of Family Law

  • Divorce

  • High Conflict Child Custody

  • Move Aways

  • Child Support

  • Spousal Support

  • D. A. Child Support

  • Premarital Agreements

  • Marital Settlement Agreements

  • Divorce Mediation

  • Guardianships

  • Asset and Debt Disputes

  • Grandparent Rights

  • Court Order Violations

  • Emergency Hearings

  • Same Sex Relationships

Lets Work Together

For high-quality, experienced legal defense, you can trust that I, Donald Dench, will be on your side every step of the way throughout the entire case.