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Donald S. Dench, Esq.

Selecting the Right Mediation Attorney

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Private Mediation

I conduct private mediations for family law attorneys and spouses without lawyers. I act as a neutral moving the mediation toward settlement in a facilitative manner. Divorce is emotional and stressful. My approach to mediations is calmness and patience for clients and attorneys alike. Mediation is voluntary. No one is pressured into a hasty agreement. Each spouse must arrive at their agreement in their own timing.

Trust & Care

Many cases are ready for mediation. There are matters in which a high degree of conflict has already occurred between spouses requiring a third-party neutral to restart the negotiating process. There are spouses that foresee a lengthy and expensive divorce and are open to a timely, suitable resolution for both of them.

All parties involved need to put their trust in the mediation process. Trust comes in part through clear communication and informing the spouses of their ability to control the outcome by their own choices. The Mediator must be trusted to care and be genuine throughout the process. It is a process that must evolve in the moment by choice, with the right outcome arriving at the right time.

Mediation Training

  • Mediating the Litigated Case-Straus Institute Pepperdine Law School

  • Family Law Court Based Mediation- Straus Institute Pepperdine Law School

  • Sharpening your Mediation and Negotiation Skills-Straus Institute Pepperdine Law School

  • Mediation Intensive Training Program-Center for Understanding Conflict

  • Basic Mediation Training-Inland Valleys Justice Center

  • Forecasting the Future of ADR-University of LaVerne Law School

  • Mediating Workplace Conflicts-Riverside Dispute Resolution

  • Court Connected Mediation-Riverside Superior Court

  • Mediating Personal Injury Cases-Riverside Superior Court

  • Mediating Legal/Insurance Settlements-American Institute of Mediation

  • Mediating Child Custody Move-Away Cases-Southern California Mediation Association

Mediation Experience

In 2009, I was appointed as a Temporary Judge on contract for 2 years with the San Bernardino Superior Courts to conduct Mandatory Settlement Conferences. I mediated over 400 family law matters during this period in Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino, and Victorville courts. I subsequently served as a mediator for Los Angeles and Riverside County Superior Courts.

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