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Quality & Experienced Defense You Can Trust

Donald S. Dench Attorney at Law, Family Law Attorney and Criminal Attorney

When a client hands their life over to you and says: “Here you go,” it’s a tremendous privilege that I take very seriously. You better believe I am going to treat that person with the utmost respect and do everything I can for them.

To be charged with a crime and to be faced with the potential of losing your freedom is life altering. This tremendous impact must be understood and appreciated by your attorney if you are to be properly cared for through the process. It is a relationship that requires trust and patience on behalf of both attorney and client. Trials are real life dramas and real life is presented for jurors to see and to judge the truth of everyone involved. I believe the right and just result must be fought for.

Why Donald S. Dench?

  • High Quality, Experienced, Legal Representation

    Do you feel overwhelmed or stressed about your legal matters? Do you need a Family Law or Criminal Law attorney to support you? I have been working in the local justice system for over 34 years. I would be honored to represent you and use my knowledge and experience to help you clearly and effectively tell of your experiences in court.

  • Your Trusted Counsel, Every Step of the Way

    What you are dealing with is tough. You need a legal professional who will stand up for you and take care of you. I am 100% for my clients. I believe respect and trust are both earned. To build that kind of relationship with my clients, I take the time to get to know them, understand them and then personally guide them through the process every step of the way.

  • Local, Home Court Advantage

    I am able to service all your Family Law, Criminal Law and Mediation needs. I am conveniently located in Rancho Cucamonga, which allows my practice to extend to all Southern California Court Jurisdictions.

  • Direct Accessibility

    Your pain is real. Having faith and confidence in your attorney is vitally important to the process. I believe each case requires special care, time and attention to detail. I find it my privilege to stand up and fight for my client’s rights. Please allow me to be your trusted legal support from start to finish.

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Clients Said

  • I retained Don Dench to represent me in a volatile court case. He was very well prepared and presented my case in an extremely knowledgeable manner. He represented me as a business client but more importantly, as a person he cared about. He was easy to speak with and devoted his time to me as if I were his only case.

    Tom H.
  • Donald Dench is a very professional and caring attorney. Don did not rush through any part of my case. He was very considerate of my concerns and took the time to help me understand the full implications of my dilemma. In so doing, he helped me and my family to cope with our anxiety. He was always prompt in returning my calls asap. I felt he was not only my attorney, but a helpful friend guiding me through a tough patch.

    Charles E.
  • Mr. Dench represented us with professional integrity along with sincere concern. We were grateful for Mr. Dench's work ethics as he strives for results and will go the extra mile for his clients. Mr. Dench always kept us informed and walked us through the legal halls of justice. We highly regard Mr. Dench's abilities and talents as an attorney and as a genuine human being.

    Mr. & Mrs. Dave P.